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groovy hexagon side table **SOLD**

I am really diggin' this one. After I was done, I showed it to my honey (and was quite excited to do so thinking he would share in my enthusiasm). He just stared at it and mumbled something about the identical one in his mom's basement. Whatever...the one in her basement looks like my before pic! Party Poo!

OK, so, I have this totally HIP and GROOVY hexagon side table that measures  21" high 25" wide 29" deep. It is painted flat black, lightly distressed, the top has 3 coats of Deft (Lacquer), and is finished off with candy cane striped hardware. It is priced at $65.00 and did I mention that it is groovy? (There is a possibility that I have a soft spot for the 70's).

For the record ALL four of my boys said that we should keep it. And none of them were any where near the 70's!

**Tidbit...Groovy adjective...old slang (not that old) in the groove, working effortlessly [Slang] very pleasing or attractive. I knew it!!!

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  1. Hahaha! Chris and I thought exactly the same thing! But I LOVE what you've done with it. Maybe Mom will let me have hers and I can do the same thing for my house...seriously. I'm in the process of redoing my mother-in-law's china hutch. Her father actually made it for her mother. They've both passed now and she wants to keep it, but update it. So, as a thank you for letting us live with them this summer, I offered to do it for her. She took the doors off and sanded most of it, and now I just need to get the paint on. I think we may even be using the same black you used. Anyway, wish you were here to help me with your expert advice. Who knows...if I enjoy it enough, maybe I'll start refinishing stuff too (Wenatchee Craigslist is SO lame though...).


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