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To make my blog a little more interesting, I have decided from here on out, with every post I will include a "tidbit" somehow related to the item that I am posting. The idea is for you to go "Hmmm, I did not know that piece of useless information...interesting none-the-less". Anyway, it will at least help my brain function beyond the realm of laundry, sticky spills,dust bunnies that reappear before I can even put the vacuum back in the closet, mom can you bring my lunch to school 'cuz I forgot it (again), a dog that pukes when she gets nervous, I'm stranded at home yet again because my teenager thinks my car is his car, oh crap I haven't showered in three days better get on that before the husband gets home, and every other daily joy of being a "HOUSEWIFE"...what a dumb word. Enjoy.

**Tidbit... Housewife was a term used in the 18th century to refer to a sewing kit where people usually kept toiletries.

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