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2 king headboards



  Here's the deal. My husband is ready to change his address to just about any hotel because he thinks I have too much Juniper's Loft crap stuff. maybe it is taking over the house a little bit. It kind of has turned into a disorder. I can't drive past a yard sale, thrift store, etc. without stopping. I have projects pretty much all over. I would like to stay married (I think). :) So, I am going to unload a FEW pieces as is and one of you guys can take on a fun project.

I love both of these. Of course they would make great benches but also great to use as an actual headboard. The top one I was thinking of doing some fun bright color, leaving it as a headboard, and changing up our bedroom. They are both in good shape and both king size.

They are priced at $40 each. Pick one up and help save my marriage!! :)

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  1. i'd love to know how tall each of these headboards are.
    i sent an email, too.


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