Mesa, Arizona


Where have I been??

                      me and sis-in-laws...Katie, Paige, and Melanie
      Anders, me, Layton, and Chris (my honey & two youngest sons)
 the bride...Courtney (also my sis-in-law)...doesn't she look beautiful?
   my toes (the WHITE ones) and my awesome friend Leanne's toes
              my incredibly sexy sweet pale leg with very cool henna
                              seriously love the henna (my hands)
                    me and my baby, who is almost 11 :( , Anders  

We just got back from a week in Utah where there was beautiful weather and a traditional Hindu wedding. What a great experience! My sweet sister in law married Madhav...also super sweet. We wish we were closer so we could spend more time with them.

So, I took a week off from the crazy world of blogging, sanding, and painting. It was great!! :)

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