Mesa, Arizona


before and after

I love when a piece comes together. This entry table started out pretty rocky. It sat on my back porch bugging me for almost two weeks. Then, I had a new client (thanks Aly) email and ask if I had any entry tables. I reluctantly said I did. You know when you have something that just kicks your butt mentally? Aly picked it up this afternoon (along with a mirror to hang above it). She said she was giddy with excitement when she got it home. Really?? GIDDY. You made my day. :) What a good ending to a bad relationship (with the table that is).

I am such a loser at posting before and after pics of my stuff. I'm thinking no one really cares either way but it is nice to see how it started as a piece of crap and I somewhat transformed it. I am going to try harder to remember to take before and during pics.

**For Kelli...Thanks for the mirror. It complimented the table perfectly!


  1. Awesome :) I am so glad to hear it!! Love to hear about someone else being so giddy as they leave your house!! I know that feeling and it is the best!!! So sorry I had to run on Friday.....It was great seeing you though!! We will talk soon :)

  2. Love seeing before and after!


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