Mesa, Arizona


pillows galore (not to be confused with the gal from James Bond)...

First, I have a pale banana colored shag pillow. This one is pretty big measuring approx. a 20" square. It is priced at $20...**SOLD**

Next, I have a set of three down pillows. Super bright and cheery, these all measure right at 18" squares. The two solid are from Pottery Barn and the striped is from Crate and Barrel. They are priced at $45 for the set of three.

                                  15" x 17" owl....25 bucks **SOLD**
                                     13" square ruffle....20 bucks
                                          13" tree of life....20 bucks

The best for last...These three were done by Tessa (i heart zelbie). What an awesome talent she has! My wish list pillows from her include several little felt birdies and bugs. She left for Ukraine this week for four months to teach little kiddos English. I have to wait until after Christmas. :(

**These pillows are all new (except the set of three I have had for awhile). I kind of redid my front room. I put a church pew in there and ended up going a bit overkill with the pillows. So, I have arranged and rearranged them several times and the above are the excess. They are so dang cute though! (excess: the lack of moderation; intemperance; overindulgence) Yep...pretty sure something like that came out of my honey's mouth. :)

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