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a sobering last few days....

I have been having a particularly difficult time the past few weeks just dealing with everyday life. I know I'm certainly not alone. A million small things seem to present themselves at once and you end up feeling smothered. Quite silly really when the big picture is filled with blessings all around you.

Many of us lost a friend this week. My heart aches for her family and especially her sister (I've NEVER seen a bond between two sisters like theirs) Truly a sweet and entertaining experience to watch them interact with each other). I had the good fortune of being able to spend a little bit of time with them just nine days before she was killed. I am grateful for my husband's persistence and reminding me that being with people that I can call my friends trumps getting "just one more piece of furniture painted" and "I'm too gross and sweaty to go".

They were selling fry bread (which they are known for) in front of her sister's house. I was in a bit of a foul mood that day. We had planned on stopping by, but when Saturday came, I started to weasel out of it. Chris (my honey) sees them almost every week in his store. He says they ALWAYS ask about me and want to know how I am doing. (REALLY??... I'm such a putz). This has gone on for years. I have always been touched by that. Anyway, I told him to just take a couple of our boys and go buy lunch for all of us and bring it home. That way we would be "supporting" them and I could keep working. He looked at me and said, "They don't care whether or not we buy fry bread from them...they want to see you". I realized he was right and loaded my sweaty stinky butt (somewhat reluctantly) into our car and we headed over with two of our boys. We ended up staying for over an hour, eating fry bread in a 110 degrees and genuinely enjoying ourselves. As we got in our car to leave, I thought about how my day had completely changed and I was no longer in a foul mood. Thank you, ladies for turning my day around. I even said to Chris that we needed to keep track of when they sold their bread so that we could head over more often.

I have known this blunt (sometimes brash) :), colorful, "salt of the earth" gal for about ten years. We started out as neighbors and fellow church goers. At first I wasn't sure about her incredibly corky personality. Then her and her husband entrusted me to sell their old home and help find them their current one. I spent a lot of time with her over the next couple of months and realized that I could call her my friend. Over the years her and her sis have cleaned houses for me (when I was in real estate), we've ran into each other here and there, and occasionally they have been the topic of a very funny story. When they would come over to clean my house, I would come up with things to scrub and clean with them because I enjoyed their company. I wish I could say that we hung out socially but excuses and "important" things got in the way.

I can honestly say that when I hear her and her sister's names, I can't help but smile. She enjoyed life, worked hard to help provide for her family, and was comfortable in her skin. I can certainly take props from the way she lived her life. I am so grateful that she considered me a friend. I wish I would have been a better one to her.

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