Mesa, Arizona


3 chicken wire frames in great fall colors...**SOLD**

So, I had some wire left over from making the screen door pic holder and these frames were staring at me on my back porch. I took prompts from my friend at  The Backyard Boutique.

She is actually the driving factor in me even starting Juniper's Loft. I grew up watching my mom and most of my extended family members paint, wallpaper, redo, and reuse just about everything. Somewhere I learned along the way. My family had also been in the custom furniture business (big warehouse, trade shows all over the country, employees, that kind of thing) in the 90's. My husband and I got out of it about 10 years ago. I swore that that was it!!  Move on...finished...done! Then, a year ago, I found myself with no kind of an income. What to do. What to do. Kids at home and I at their beckon call. For about five months Adell kept saying I should refinish furniture and put it on a blog. Her new adventure was going quite well and giving her something to do (besides wrangle two little boys). I finally gave it a go after many snide remarks to her husband and lots of nasally brush-offs. So, thanks Adell for inspiring me to get off of my butt and do something that keeps me from going crazy. :) I am glad you are my neighbor and friend!

Candy apple red...bright and cheery! This measures 21" x 24", comes with 4 matching clothes pins, and is $25.00. **SOLD**

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