Mesa, Arizona


marble top sideboard **SOLD**

This is a really, really nice piece of furniture. The back is finished as are the cabinet doors and inside. If marble isn't your thing, the slab lifts right off. It is an open space though, so you would need to make a top for it.

It was built in Rockford, Illinois in 1941 (I think). So, we are talking mid- 20th century cool. It was made by a company called Weiman furniture and heirloom quality tables. They were bought by Bassett furniture in 1979. The model is a Weiman Capri #216-2903. For the right person, this is a collector's piece.

It measures 16" deep, 22" high, and 60" wide. The inside is open (no drawers). It is in excellent shape and priced at $125.00. **SOLD**

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