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It has been a REALLY REALLY long time since I have done something for me. I decided to take on my entryway where you step into when you open my front door. For the last year or so, it has been cluttered with Juniper's stuff so that it is easy to get to when someone stops in. This is the FIRST thing everyone sees when they walk in my home. It was getting a bit depressing.

It has been arranged nicely before, but never exactly what I wanted. The little foyer is just under 6' wide so any table I found was always a hair too deep. What to do...Oh! I know. Have my hubby build a slender bench/table out of a full size headboard of course. (It is just under a foot deep...perfect)!

I got a hold of an outdated mirror and some awesomely cheery yellow paint called citrus punch and took care of that. Then after several swatches of orange paint samples, I choose one called falling leaves. I ended up doing a stain rub over the orange. Thanks to Home Goods and Marshalls for each having one of the blue pots. The fun wire baskets were also a find at Home Goods. (I'm not always at yard sales). My very cool topiaries came from Ballard Designs about 10 years ago. The picture I have is also something that has been around my house for about 10 years.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE color. (I know almost everything I paint is black...that is what sells...not what is in my house). It is so great when I take on a bright and colorful paint project. I wanted colors that made it feel like it was part of the painting I have on the wall. I also don't like a lot of  "stuff". Never have. I enjoy feeling that everything is very airy and open. So, this is the end result. I am content with it. :)

*The green stripes showing up in the mirror are in my front room. My husband and I painted those several years ago. If you decide to take that project on as a couple, I hope your marriage is STRONG!! :)

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